StarFish Applications

StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems can be used for literally hundreds of underwater applications. Any time you require near photographic quality images of the seafloor, for work or play, in clear or low visibility waters, StarFish systems can deliver.

Listed below are just some of the more common applications for StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems. Click on the links provided for more detailed information about the benefits StarFish systems can offer your organisation or club.

Security & Law Enforcement

Search and recovery (SAR) operations, retrieval of submerged evidence from a crime scene, recovery of drowning victims, guide diver search operations, survey crash sites or accident scenes, recovery of sunken vehicles, search for mines and other explosives, harbour patrol, mapping of territorial waterways.

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Wreck Location & Archaeological Surveys

Wreck and cargo discovery, dive site navigation, identify wreck orientation, wreck debris discovery, identify possible man-made structures for investigation, marine archaeology, and identify potential hazards before divers enter the water.

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Salvage operations, inspection of coastal structures, planning of seafloor installations, dredging operations, pipeline / cable location and inspection, dam inspection, location of sunken logs from lumber operations, oil drilling rig inspection.

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Dive Clubs

Discover new and exciting dive sites, locate the best approach to a dive site, identify potential hazards before divers enter the water, identify interesting artifacts (like shipwrecks) in local waters, obtain digital images of known dive sites for reference and mapping.

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Academic & Research

Geological surveys, environmental studies of the seafloor, marine biology, reef monitoring, hazardous waste site assessment, hydrographic surveys, monitor changes to seafloor and habitat over time, identify the structure and composition of the seafloor.

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