Commercial & Recreational Diving

Bored exploring the usual dive sites? Let StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems offer you and your club the opportunity to find new and exciting dive sites of your own. StarFish systems can be towed from your dive boat and can survey large areas of seafloor far quicker than using the 'Mark 1 eyeball' through a divers mask. StarFish systems can be fitted with a GPS receiver, allowing interesting targets or shadows to be easily identified, plotted and investigated at a later date.

StarFish systems are very small and compact side scan sonars that can be mobilised between dive boats without the need to dry dock the vessel. Simply launch a StarFish system in the water and then tow gently behind the boat.

The simple intuitive StarFish Scanline Software will quickly map the seabed and produce near-photographic quality acoustic images which can help you to locate possible targets of interest. Just imagine what fascinating artifacts could be hidden under local waters - perhaps even that long lost Spanish Galleon loaded with gold bullion you have been dreaming about! StarFish systems make seabed imaging easy for anyone.

With only 1% of rivers, lakes and oceans explored, make unique discoveries of your own with StarFish systems and rekindle the spirit of adventure.

Canals, harbours, rivers and lakes near densely populated areas are likely to be littered with man made dangers that could trap or impair a diver. StarFish systems can help to locate debris or possible hazards prior to exploring a new dive site. This information could assist during the pre-dive planning stage and help map a safe route to the site and back, therefore directly contributing towards the safety of all dive team members. Images from a StarFish system can also support local water pollution concerns and give an indication of man's contribution towards the local environment.

StarFish systems are ideal for dive clubs, easily mobilised and deployed, with seabed imaging data available in minutes... truly plug & play.

StarFish systems are very affordable as their low price tag brings them within reach of most customers. To spread the cost you may wish to consider forming a syndicate of like minded divers or add it as an inventory item to your dive club.


Some typical examples of StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems' applications for law enforcement and homeland security include...

  • Discover new and exciting dive sites
  • Locate the best approach to a dive site
  • Identify potential hazards before divers enter the water
  • Identify interesting artifacts, like shipwrecks, in local waters
  • Obtain digital images of known dive sites for reference

If you would like to find out more about StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems and how you could use them for yourself or your dive club, please visit our How To Buy page.

StarFish. The seabed is your playground.