SeaTrac Product Catalogue

Introducing our SeaTrac range of acoustic positioning USBL beacons, transponders and data modems.

    Type Acoustic Positioning Output Acoustic Ranging Output Pressure Sensor Rating Weight
X150 USBL Beacon

A multi-purpose 'ultra-short base line' acoustic transponder beacon, capable of tracking the position of up to 14 other SeaTrac beacons, and data exchange.

USBL Modem Yes Yes 100m (std)

300m, 1000m, 2000m (options)
720g (air)
530g (water)
X110 Modem Beacon

An acoustic transponder beacon and data modem, capable of reporting an asset's position to X150 beacons building data networks of acoustic nodes.

Transponder Modem No Yes 2000m (std)

100m, 300m, 1000m (options)
690g (air)
500g (water)
X010 Modem Beacon

A minuature and lighter weight version of our X110 beacon, the X010 is suitable for mounting on divers and small ROV's.

Transponder Modem No Yes 300m 300g (air)
170g (water)