GPS Navigator

Product Code : BP00892

The GPS Navigator is a handheld underwater computer designed to assist Search & Rescue, commercial and research divers navigate between pre-determined underwater waypoints and give them access to a GPS based position fix.

Navigation and positioning information is received via a small float containing the GPS antenna, and relayed to the Navigator display through a thin tether cable.

Prior to diving, software running on a Windows PC is used to create Mission files containing waypoints and markers that can assist the diver to navigate a search-pattern or efficiently swim between locations.

An immersion sensor automatically controls logging of the dive data to the Navigator's internal storage memory, while the diver's position, heading, depth and course history are shown on the Navigator's display. Additional information for the currently selected mission marker is shown along with course-to-swim and distance to the marker.

The diver can add additional points of interest during the dive and these, along with the course and depth history, can be reviewed post-dive.

The Navigator has a simple and intuitive user interface allowing the Diver to quickly interpret information presented via the 3.5" colour display, simple menu interface and five button keypad.

Powered using a compact rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack, the Navigator will operate for over 10 hours from a single charge, while battery packs can be easily swapped on the surface between dives in a matter of minutes.


Part Number BP00892

Length 314mm (12.4")
Width 240mm (9.5")
Height 131mm (5.2")
In air ~3.0kg (6.6lbs)
In fresh water ~0.9kg (1.9lbs)
Construction Black Polyurethane, ABS and hard anodised Aluminium
Operating & Storage Temperature -5°C to +35°C (23°F 95°F)
Depth Rating 100m (328ft)
Connectors Fischer UltiMate series connectors: 1 x 2 pin DC power. 1 x 7 pin Serial and USB connector
Power Supply 8.4V DC nominal from supplied battery pack (or 7V to 28V DC input range from external source)
Operating Duration Typical operating duration approx 10 hours (varies depending on battery type, age and capacity used).
Screen 3.5", 320x240 pixel, 16-bit colour Liquid Crystal Display
User Interface 5 x solid-state piezo button interface for menu navigation and parameter control
Communications RS232 serial port (for connection to GPS float) USB port for connection to a PC (appears as a 'flash-drive' style mass storage device, for uploading mission files and downloading logged data files)
Data Logging Internal 16Gb non volatile 'Flash' memory (other capacities available on request). Data Logging capacity (assuming approx 0.5Mb per minute) greater than 400hrs on internal storage.
Integrated Sensors Pressure sensor, Immersion sensor, 9-DOF Attitude/Heading sensors (pitch & roll, compass, rotational rate gyros), Battery voltage level indicator
GPS Navigation Float...
Diameter 87mm (3.4")
Length 145mm (5.7")
Construction Black acetal plastic
Tether Length 30m (100ft) - for other lengths consult factory
Receiver Type GPS L1 C/A-code, SPS. 66 acquisition and 22 tracking channels
Receiver Sensitivity High Sensitivity : -148dBm (Cold Start Acquisition), -165 dBm (Navigation)
Datum WGS84

Part Number BP00973

Configuration 8.4V, 2.2Ah capacity
Chemistry Rechargable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Operating Time (Navigator) More than 10 hours from a charged state
Operating Time (SeaTrac) Varies depending on usage - Between 5 hours (for 1 location 'ping' per second) and apoproximatly 24 hours when idle.
Charging Time No more than 4 hours from a fully discharged state
Safety Integrated thermal (94°C) fuse and electrical (5A) fuse
Discharge Temperature -10°C to +35°C
Charging Temperature 10°C to +30°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to +35°C (elevated temperatures lead to greater self discharge rates)

Part Number BP00974

Mains input 90-264V AC, 50-60Hz
Output Multi-stage charge regime (with over charge protection, top-off timer and trickle charge)
Dimensions 90mm x 45mm x 32mm
Construction Black ABS plastic
Indicators 3-colour charge state LED
Housing Rating IP41
Operating Temperature -20°C to +40°C

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