Artemis GPS Tactical Float (with 40m tether and skid)

Product Code : BP00845

The GPS Float provides Artemis with a simple and reliable Navigation solution, that aids with location, stealth and search and rescue operations.

The float is supplied with a thin 40m tether, and cable manage skid that can be quickly clipped to the underside of the Artemis Console.

The skid provides a storage clip for the GPS float when not in use, and anchoring points for the securing the tether to when the desired length has been deployed by the diver.

The float is positively buoyant by ~100g, making it easy for a diver to retrieve from the surface when navigation information is no longer required.

For further information of the capabilities added by the GPS Skid, please visit the Artemis Navigation page.


Dimensions 360mm(L) x 110mm(W) x 120mm(H) (excluding wound cable)
Weight (stand-alone) ~1.7kg in air, ~0.2kg positively buoyant in water (float attached)
Weight (attached to Artemis) ~4.3kg in air, ~0.6kg in water (float attached)
Construction Black acetal plastic
Tether/Cable Length 40m (for other lengths consult factory)
Operating & Storage Temperature -10°C to +35°C
GPS Receiver...
Type GPS L1 C/A-code, SPS. 66 acquisition and 22 tracking channels
Sensitivity High Sensitivity : -148dBm (Cold Start Acquisition), -165 dBm (Navigation)
Data Output RS232 Output, 9600baud, NMEA protocols (RMC, GGA, GSV, GSA), fix rate at 1Hz
Datum WGS84

Please note that all specifications are subject to change in line with our policy of continual product development.

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