Diver Navigation Interface

Divers have a lot on their mind, so the Artemis User Interface has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use...


Artemis only has 5 buttons on its front panel whose function changes depending on the current display

The buttons use a solid-state "piezo" pressure sensing technology that requires only a gentle push to activate them weather on the surface or at depth, remvoing the need for moving parts and reducing risk of the housing flooding in the event of failure.

Status & Navigation Bar

Regardless of the display being shown, the status bar is always visible along the bottom of the screen.

As well as a selection of coloured status icons (showing Power, Sonar, GPS, Logging and Immersion states), the provides the diver with "heading to swim" directions for the currently selected navigation destination.

If the diver is more than 30°, 60° or 90° off the desired heading, 1, 2 or 3 arrows indicate they should turn left of right, while below 30° a circular 'bubble' moves across the status bar to allow fine tuning of the course.


To help the diver perform complex tasks while keeping the display simple and uncluttered, Artmeis runs several software applications, or "Apps" (similar to modern smart-phones). Each App has its own visual display, and different functions for the four navigation/function buttons on the keypad.

Pressing the middle "Task" button on the console cycles sequentially through the list of Apps available, which include...


During longer dives or to conserve battery life, the "Power" app allows the diver to shut down the Sonar or GPS as well as providing battery charge status information.


The "Settings" app provides a hierarchical list of controls, allowing adjustment of the system settings and additional functions all from the one place.


The "Sonar" app shows the imagery collected by the forward looking sonar, and provides simple controls to adjust its range and gain settings. Additional informaiton at the corners of the screen aid divers performing search-and-identifiaction tasks by showing their depth and heading all on a single display.


The "Navigation" app shows a containing the pre-defined 'Mission' targets and waypoints (created by Software), the diver's position and route history.

The function keys allow selection of different navigation destinations, chart zoom levels, and the marking of additional targets at the divers current location.

Dive Profile

The "Dive Profile" app graphically shows the diver the recent history from the depth sensor and the dive duration.